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REQUEST: Tactical reload & Speed reload
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Could be implemented by tapping reload key for a speed reload or holding reload key for the Tactical reload.
Speed reload would be much faster but you would lose the magazine if it had rounds remaining, tactical reload would be slower but a partially full magazine would be retained.
Releasing the reload key during the tactical load would cancel the animation and turn it into a speed load.


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great idea, I have always wanted to see a more speedy reload animation in FPS games. Sometimes you are knee deep in sh*t and need to reload as quick as possible, instead of the long, calm like dont give a F**K reload animation which just doesn't feel too immersive.

Your idea sounds brilliant, I would say double tap R to speed reload, and just press R once to do a normal reload when you have the time.

Alternatively, Gears of War also had a nice way of doing the reload by gauging it and timing it correct. To be honest I think a similar setup would be better, because press reload once and you have a basic normal reload, want to speed reload you have to time it right, if not, you might drop the magazine, and have to start over. As for the gauge, I know people want less UI, but to be honest, when reloading you focus on what you are doing, so having to peek down at the gauge will kinda simulate that.

But otherwise I am all for this! =)

Phalanx added a subscriber: Phalanx.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM

just thought of this too, however I think if it were implemented the only addition should be hold your reload key to drop the mag, there's no need to change how normal reloading has worked in Arma for however many years.

So to summarise:
Press(reload key) = swap your current magazine with another mag in your inventory, keeping the old one. (this is what happens currently)
HOLD (reload key) = drop the current mag on the floor and slot in a new mag from your inventory, old mag is discarded. (feature suggestion)

you can manually do this in a way by pressing I, dragging the current mag out of the gun onto the ground and then slotting another in, but it would be nice if this feature was added so you could do it on-the-fly. It's the simplest way I can think of to add this, I don't think it'd get in the way of anything either.

Anything similar to the Gears of War style reload system would overcomplicate things without really adding anything to Arma overall, that system works in GoW because it's very fast paced and frantic at all times.

Look I'm easy going, i can like anything that's implemented, ass long as it works. Only reason i find the GoW reload system appealing is because it does what it needs to pretty well. Balancing the reload between a calm reload, a speedy reload, as well as the opportunity to screw it up if you aren't paying attention, which I'm reality, if you don't focus on what you are doing, I'm sure you would screw up possibly.

But anyhow, whatever works right, it's got my vote non the less.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM

Phalanx +1 about press/hold

Keragon added a subscriber: Keragon.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM

The only issue I would have with holding the key is how long is the delay before the speed reload occurs? This may seem minor but you are losing time in the reload while this delay times out and probably end up with the same reload time.

the present reload is already a tactical reload speed wise. they just have the hand place the magazine back in a pouch. don't belive me? watcha magpul dynamics speed reload video on youtube and time it with the in-game reload. it's nearly the same amount of time.


Well right now think about how you use the reload key, do you ever press it down longer than needed to tap it? I don't think I do.

The timing for the hold could be as short as half a second, you would hardily notice. And besides, compare that with the time lost acting out the method I described in (0020518). Adds another 2-3 seconds to the reload, and you also have to be stationary.

Well the whole point of speed reload is to get it done fast and even a half second is going to add time to that and make the reload which you already want to happen quickly, more slowly. Maybe if it was a super short delay, because as you mentioned, you only ever tap it to reload normally, a .2 second delay of the sorts would get the job done I figure without interfering with regular operation.

Maybe just replace the hold function with double tap R, initial press will initiate the reload, and second press will do the speed reload (dropping the mag). Double tap is already in the binding of controls, and it will eliminate the cost if adding time to hold?


0.2 sec is far too close to a regular keypress, try it out yourself with a stopwatch.
I suggested half a second because it's the closest thing to a hold that has the least keypress time.


I think adding more keypresses just overcomplicates things. The double tap method is usually used for toggles, e.g. 2xE for toggle lean, 2xALT for toggle freelook etc. so I'm not sure it should be the default. It could be an option.

Anyway, we could discuss timings and semantics all day.
The fact of it is BIS should implement something as a trial run, see how it works, and we can give feedback on that. The ticket is here so hopefully they notice it and agree.

+1 for realism

Vildu added a subscriber: Vildu.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM
Vildu added a comment.Jul 12 2013, 2:18 PM

Also it would be nice if the speed reload would be louder than tactical reload. Right now in Beta 0.72 the reload sounds are way too loud.

Personally I say just reload and if you are still alive after the fight then worry about picking your mags up off the ground but that's just me.

I'd say a double tap would be more appropriate. 1-R to reload normally, 2-R to drop the mag and quickly get another in. That way the old system stays while a new one is implemented and doesn't disrupt traditional controls.

We need this, +1.

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 7 2016, 1:23 PM
oggoeg added a comment.Jul 5 2015, 8:23 PM

I tried this sort of system in ground branch. It's great. Works great with tapping or holding R
+1 for this.

Arma even has the upside of getting lighter when speed reloading.

Double tap to speed reload seems a good idea.