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Trigger Control Simulation
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The idea is to simulate Shot Follow Through and Trigger Reset for semi automatic fire.

  1. The mechanical rule is that after you press the mouse button and fire the shot, your sights will return to point of aim as long as you have the mouse button depressed through the entire recoil cycle; this is an abstraction of letting gravity to its work to bring the muzzle back down on target.
  1. When you release the trigger there will be an audible click as the trigger group resets. In a weapon with a bolt/slide holdopen this will let the player know the weapon is empty as there will be no audible click when the trigger is released after the last shot.

This system precludes full automatic fire, which should behave as it currently does.


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  1. Should alleviate complaints about harsh recoil.
  2. Should make marksmen happy.
  3. No additional interface required (Depth with no additional complexity).

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Yep totally agree with this, snatching at the trigger does cause inaccuracy, pull should be smooth and followed through before releasing the trigger.

Therefore it would be good if mouse button discipline did result in slight more accurate fire.

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This was something I was thinking about too, nice to see the suggestion here. Upvoted.