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Optics View while Prone
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When in the prone position, and you are the marksman, using the scope attatchment. You look at a spot and leave it alone, the sight picture will start to move and not stop. If you dont' touch your controls, it will continue to drift non-stop to a random direction until your guy has literally turned around.

Not only is this not realistic it demonstrates the issue with the inability to hold onto a sight picutre while firing in the prone position.


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Steps To Reproduce

Chose the Marksman.
Lay prone.
Sight in on an object.
Leave the controls alone.

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Could not reproduce the issue. My aim while, of course, moving slightly, still stays at the pretty much same point. Maybe there's something wrong with your mouse, or some gamepad or joystick connected - try to disconnect it and see if issue remains.

I retrired it on dirt and it was bad but not as bad. I think It was because I was laying on top of a broken door in a house on a beach. I think being on the door fragments wouldn't allow me a steady aim.

I will retry tonight.

But overall, I hope this is just an Alpha issue and will be addressed by the beta.

Haven't tested it myself yet, but if you want to test this efficiently you may want to try using time acceleration

Just some notes.
You have "hold breath" button to stop this moving.
We don't look expekt, that anybody lay for some hours without movement :)