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Caucasian soldiers are way too tanned
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They look like they got locked in a tanning booth. This is probably related to the complaint about Iranians looking black.


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Select caucasian profile, go into game, remove uniform, look at self.

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oh i see that neg, antoine flemming you racist sob

Maybe in the future that is what caucasians look like.

dear wiggers, please stop negging legit suggestions based on the color, race, and creed of it subject

I tried to vote this up, but I think I clicked down by accident. It seems there is nothing I can do about it now.

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Locked into a tanning booth ?

More like in the mediteranean climate, tbf they should disable overcast on the islands if they have the same amount of rainy days on Altis/Stratis as where I live... :/

john, that is what constant exposure to sun does to any caucasian's skin. take into consideration the location of where the game takes place. Perhaps if you get out in the sun more, you would notice you dont stay pale white all the time. Quite an unnecessary post this really. So dont take it wrong when people downvote.

except some soldiers wear long sleeves most of the time under the sun. go look at some photos of sodiers in afghanistan, not all of them allow themselves to be tanned.

and i understand tanning, but they don't look tanned, they look like cooked dark meat. not a good look.

i think it's how the game handles transparent skin layer.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.