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Editor reports "Failed to Save Mission"
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Sometimes, about 1 in 15 attempts, pressing "Preview" in the editor in multiplayer mode results in the message "Failed to save mission". In fact, the mission did not save and all changes are simply discarded without further notification.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Edit any multiplayer mission
  2. Click "Preview"
  3. If it worked, press ESC and end the mission, and edit it again.
  4. Repeat at 1 (make sure to move a unit, for example, to make the mission "dirty")

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But dont you have to save it by 'exporting to MPmissions for it to save ?

Preview is just preview it does not save you changes !

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Exporting will create a PBO, which is the last step before releasing the mission.

Preview always saves the mission. In MP, mind you, not in SP.

OK so its suppoed to save it MP if yr editing in MP... and if yr editing in SP I guess its suposed to save it as SP ?

Watch out for this one I lost 4 days editing because of it.

Just to give a heads-up, this is STILL in today

Good way to reproduce this reliably:

  • Go to Multiplayer -> New Server -> Pick an existing editable mission and click Edit
  • Grab a single unit somewhere on the map and move it a few pixels
  • Press "Preview".

Will instantly complain about "Failed to save mission"