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The cricket like insects are too loud
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I bought the game yesterday and have been haunted by very loud insect sounds (crickets?) ingame, to the point where I had to turn down the volume. At first I thought the buzz-like sound was from a computer program running in the background, but I am now certain that it is some sort of cricket sound. Friends of mine thought the same, and couldn't guess it was insects due to the loudness of those monsterous bugs.

Is it possible to tone down the volume of insects? It's really loud compared to other sounds, and it doesn't seem realistic.


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Has anybody else experienced these sounds to be way too loud relative to other sounds ingame? Turning down ambience didn't help much.

they have some kind of comtac headset, electronic earmuffs such as those has microphones picking up ambient sound and then amplifying it.

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These insects are probably cicadas. I have had to suffer those in southern France, and they are LOUD. Really. Cannot be compared to crickets in any way.
Actually they made us leave the garden.

So, its probably quite realistic actually ;-)

I grew up on a farm. They sound realistic to me.

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Duplicate of #0003923.

Closing as it is a duplicate.