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Map reading animation
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Hi, the new map reading animation for the latest dev buld is great. But clearly not finished(at least I hope not), I would like to throw some suggestions into the mix.

I noticed that when going to the map while standing, you don't kneel anymore when you return from the map. This looks strange with the current animation, which has your character hunched over with hands placed low. Clearly when kneeling, this is meant to look like your character is setting the map on the ground and reading, but looks weird when standing.

However my proposal to change the animation would help. First, why not make the map digital like the way it's portrayed. Clearly it should be some type of gps device. small enough to fit in the palm perhaps. And the best part is, the game already has this animation. You just need to cut it out from an existing sequence. Here's the screenshot of the animation. First from dyslexic's bullshot(I call it that because he purposely tried to make it look like the guy's holding a radio, when the radio is on his chest and he's just holding his hand out. i won't comment on his true motivations, that's for him to explain) The second photo is by me. Please refer to additional information section for links to photos.


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Press map key, default "m" while in game, then press it again, but don't move. use freelook to look around your body in 3rd person and see the current animation.

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good ticket, if animation inside, please finish idea :)

yeah man, just replace the word "bird shit" with "gps map device model"

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There is literally no map reading animation as of yet.

thanks for the confirm smookie.