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No Animation For Breaking The Rotory on AH and MH Helicopter
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Note: I don't know if this has been requested earlier but I am doing it anyway.

Well, as we probably all know, you can break the rotory on the smaller helicopters BUT with no animation for it, nothing flies away from it and such. You can see when it gets damaged, but when it breaks totaly it goes: POOF, I am gone.

Small note: I don't know if i picked the right category for this, and if it is wrong i am sorry. :)


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Note: I don't know if this has been requested earlier but I am doing it anyway.

Next time please search, we don't need to waste moderators or developers times with duplicates. BUT I couldn't find anything.

So yes I agree with you, some shrapnel/broken pieces of the rotor(s) should appear somewhere. It might be too much to have fly off in a random direction and kill/hurt someone but who knows what the developers would do?

It'd be good to break the rotor on the KA-60, I've had some situations where the chopper hit ground at a speed where it would not cause it to explode, then roll onto its side with the blades chopping into the ground while they're spin. However that has been reported already with rotor collisions.

I totally agree with you L33CH, I should've searched before i did it, but I am so stupid so I didn't even think of doing it! :P I feel dumb as hell now...

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think choppers could use some love in A3 in terms of damage modelling. It would be nice to be able to see rotors being destroyed.

It would be amazing if the rotors could be added as physx elements.

Maybe you could "easily" emulate rotors flying off by still having the current state of them just disappearing, but when damaged enough "spawn" rotor wing objects with physx and make them fly off. It might be an easier method than having rotors as actual physx elements attached to the chopper.