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Action Menu: Limited loot options & awkward inventory access when picking up weapons/gear from bodies
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This is a little difficult to explain, bear with me:

When looting gear & weapons from a dead soldier, it's only possible to get one loot option at a time in the mousewheel/actions menu. More importantly, if a dropped weapon is between you and the body then the weapon 'blocks' access to the gear on the body unless you move position. The result is a rather clumsy process for picking up magazines etc. from a body when weapons are lying close by on the ground.

Explanation by way of an example:
After killing an AT soldier, there are three possible sets of options in the action menu, depending on where you are standing/looking when trying to loot:

  • Take AT launcher
  • Inventory
  • Take Rifle
  • Inventory
  • Rearm at AT soldier
  • Inventory

In the first two cases, the 'take' option allows you to take the weapon (obviously). The 'Inventory' option, if selected, will ONLY allow you to take the weapon (the other gear on the body is NOT accessible). This is not helpful and not correct in my opinion (unless the body is too far away).

With the third 'rearm' case, if you choose 'Inventory', you can access ALL the gear on the body PLUS the weapons he was carrying (on the floor nearby), all from the same inventory screen. This is correct and works as it should.

I believe that if you are close enough to access both dropped weapons AND the gear on the body, the action menu SHOULD offer these options:

  • Take AT launcher
  • Take Rifle
  • Rearm at AT soldier
  • Inventory

And IF those options are all present in the menu at the time you choose 'Inventory', you SHOULD see all the gear that the soldier was carrying, including the nearby weapons. {F18569}


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Steps To Reproduce

Shoot any soldier (but preferably one with a rifle and another weapon) then make various attempts to loot his two weapons and other gear.

It can also be reproduced by placing the player in the editor, placing a soldier immediately in front, previewing the mission and shooting him.

As long as a 'take weapon' option is shown in the action menu, you cannot pick up magazines or other gear from the body. (Situation with an AT launcher illustrated in attached screenshots.)

Additional Information

This issue is much worse when you are prone and a dropped weapon is between you and the body. It's very difficult to collect the magazines from the body unless you crawl right up to (more or less 'inside') the body, or move around the dropped weapon to approach the body from a different angle so it's not obstructing your 'line of sight' to the body.

This means you potentially have to break from your cover in order to get around the other side of the body to collect the magazines.

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I still can't open backpacks of dead AI unless I take it first. Overall the new gear system is a pain in the butt with all the separate attachments and separate magazines that you have to take manually. It also partially messes up gear respawn. It is a nice idea, but in practice not so.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

related to #9727 and #10726

You should also be able to access the gun as a separate sub-menu, like with vests and backpacks, so you can easily take optics and attachments.