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Units eject when killed from assault boat + assault boat drives backwards when driver is shot
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Big title sorry.

So here's the video check it. It explains the best.

I've been able to reproduce this twice, I filled an assault boat full of bad guys, waypointed them towards shore, shot them up. 2 things.

  1. When killed they vanish (end up on the bottom of the sea). Perhaps they could not disappear and just end up dead inside the inflatable? If nothing else it's advantageous to those still alive as they can be used as incidental meat shields (haha like D'Jango) but seriously.
  1. Shot the guy on the tiller and he disappears but then the boat all of the sudden goes into reverse. Which of course is incorrect as the moment you let go of that throttle it slows right down + you'd have to change your gear via lever-thing to get it into reverse. In this example the boat reversed in an arc pattern (which I thought was kind of cool anyways that it didn't just go straight back) and reverses into the shore line and continues to be accelerating backwards.


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So far I've only been able to get it go backwards if there are other units in the boat. Maybe one of the units takes over... except that the unit's position doesn't move in the boat to take the tiller.

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In other trials I noticed going along with my comment about the throttle not being released using an empty assault boat with just a driver I shot him, the boat did not go backwards but kept going straight without anyone in it.

OF COURSE that tiller thing is just from my own experience with driving boats. If anyone has ever used a tiller where the throttle stays then sure keep it that way in the game if you'd like.

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