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water is unrealistic with AH-9/UH-9
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If you fly with a AH-9 or a UH-9 you can fly through the water with no collision with it at all, the chopper just flys normally through it and gets damages the longer you stay in the water.


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1.go in the editor a unit with BLUEFOR, Air, UH-9/AH-9
3.set it to "flying" into the water, but not so much you touch the ground
the chopper will NOT react in physics to any collision with the water, it will only loose health and lose the blades.

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Chopper get fully damaged within 1 second and you die.

And only because it doenst explode on collision with the water this is "immediate" priority?

I think the poster is trying to say the issue is that water seems to have no friction at all, which is unreal in a way, impact with water should be similar to impact with the ground.

Sure it isn't an immediate priority, and maddog will probably fix that when he/she gets around to it, but I dont see any reason to down vote to fixing this if it, i found it to be true as well.

i never said that the chopper should blow up if it hits the water TrueCruel, but indeed i shouldn't have put it on "immediate", i was just a little dissapointed with the new update

oukej added a comment.Jul 15 2014, 4:56 PM

Is this still valid? Do you find the current state better?

You can close this, it has been fixed.