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Swaying of tree trunks
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Ofcourse trees are subject to wind, but in the Arma series the trunk also sways.
This may seem trivial, but it is essential for the overall feel of the game for the
surroundings to react as realistically as possible.
Now it feels like trees are made of rubber and can make a player sea sick when in a forest.


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I recommend using three types of id for a tree/bush

-Trunk (no sway, rigid, low sensitivity to wind)
-branches (medium sensitivity to wind)
-leaves (high sensitivity)

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Yeah I brought this up in ARMA 2...
Instead of flexing, they just hinge from the base.
Looks strange.

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@Devs: look at BF3 and FC3
trees affected by wind and weather by physx

upvoted. and while talking physx: with physx already available, it shouldn't be too hard to make branches able to be shot off during firefights, or am i wrong?

We should still have parameters for the swaying of the tree trunk for high wind conditions. But the tree trucks should not sway low wind conditions.