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Out of memory
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Game crashes an post out of memory message {F18528} {F18529} {F18530}


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Maybe a way to test possibly is too equipt a few sights an place in HEX backpack, maybe even try moving the sights into the grenade pack an uniform gear slots. Than try swapping sights back n forth between rifle slots an backpacks, an see if crash happends.

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Friend of mine playin on same server(Call911 ArmA Xtreme) is havin same crash. Have been playin since day1 an nvr seen out of memory errors til today.

Can you attach .bidmp and .mdpm file too?
Do you have same issue in Escape From Stratis or Headhunters?

Having same error.
Attached a screenshot of the error popup, dxdiag, arma3 rpt and dump files (everything in A3_KID18120_MEMORY.rar).

Happened while right clicking to get in the scope view (scope was ACO, the one with green reticle, not the red one) with a TAR21 weapon (can't remember the right ingame name) and with weapon lowered.
Tried to reproduce but didn't happen again.

EDIT: Experienced today for the first time after 50+ hours playing in DEV build
EDIT2: mdmp file wasn't created

Currently having my pc worked on. If they dont have to do anything that causes a loss of files i will try an locate them files. I also seem to recall at the time swappin sights around on I believe the MXM 7.62 rifle(goin from memory, believe it was the ARCO sight). But if i get my pc back with files still there I will attach once I have pc back.

Please attach your files too, when it will be possible. Thank you.

I closed this one, because 6881 has 100% repro steps and more info.