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Radio Tower Destruction Animation
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I've noticed in ArmA 3 as well as ArmA 2, that when you destroy a tower, it breaks apart. But the animation for the destruction is not good. It kinda moves like twigs, not steel. It doesn't look right somehow. If this is being replaced by PhysX great. But if it's still an animation, it should be done differently. And/or maybe have 8 different anims to choose from, randomly, so it doesnt look the same each time too.

This could apply to buildings etc, as well.


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Blow up a tower using charges, or anything, and watch how it collapses.

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Agreed. Building destruction is the same as ARMA 2. It should be changed to utilize PhysX.

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the current system just sinks it to the ground and puts a rubble model over the former building. they would have to make damaged models with physical properties. sorry, but not happening. too much work for bis.

Well, if it's too much work to make it have physical properties, etc, they could just make a better animation. Right now, if the tower is destroyed, yeah it lowers into the ground and then blammo, the destroyed bottom is there. Instead, maybe they could have an animation from unharmed to destroyed. To me, it'd seem easier just to let the PhysX handle it.

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