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"Low ready" stance
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"Low ready" stance is a real life stance used mostly when going in unsafe zones but when you are not in inmediate danger, its a stance between walking with your weapon up and holstering your weapon or using tactical walk.

When you just run in the game by default, your weapon is in a low-ready stance, but i want to suggest to add low-ready stance as an alternative for putting your weapon down.

This would be useful for CQB as the low-ready stance needs less space than holding your weapon up, besides, if the devs could add (or anybody can script) a feature for the players to get worse aim when having your gun up and crouching or standing up (Simulating arm strenght stress) this would be useful.


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double tap ctrl

sarlac, i have a different rebinded controls, i rebinded most of them, tell me the command of ctrl X2 on the default layout.

I believe it is called lower weapon and is under infantry movement

+1. This should be the default stance.

Low ready is very much different from that Lower Weapon where your weapon is not shouldered.

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Read and upvoted. But it took some time for me to understand...

There is a related thread in the forum.