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Request : Delay for taking out the compass
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hello guys,

I would like to request a delay for taking out the compass and bringing it back.

at the moment the compass appears instantly when you push it.
I tried myself taking out a compass hanging around my neck and having a weapon in my hands and switching in between quickly.
leaving the weapon hanging on the shoulder, opening the compass, aiming, closing the compass, taking the weapon into hands.

I did that 10 times in a row and measured like 35 seconds.

so 3.5 seconds for each, that would mean a delay of 1.75 seconds for opening and another 1.75 seconds until you can
shoot again.

it still should be possible to abort this and shoot with a delay of this 1.75 seconds.

this encourages more precise communication in between general ( EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH )direction and Describing depending on the direction of movememnt ( FRONT, LEFT, RIGHT, REAR ), which is a lot faster in real life.




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Nah I say leave it alone. Also in 2035 I would expect soldiers to have some sort of HUD connected to their helmet that would display this at all times anyway. Not to mention even some in the field now use an integrated compass built in their watch.

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request that helmet then. and do you really think at that time every side will have a helmet with a HUD ? Do you think that they throw away the compass as there is no need for a backpup tool?

Well I guess this is about a balance of realism and accessibility. I have always liked the way watch, compass etc. is portrayed ingame, so i'm voting against.

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This sounds like adding lag on porpuse to the game and I agree with Stiffwood to keep the actual balance between both sides, realism and accessibility.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as designed.