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Fins Attatchment to Rebreather Instead of Wetsuit
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Attatch the fins to the rebreather instead of the wetsuit. At this point, if a guy wishes to dive with his uniform on, he can put on the rebreather and the mask, but he can not put on the fins as they are attatched to the wetsuite. It would make more sense to attach them to the rebreather. Also when he is going inland, it would be nice to attatch the fins to the backpack or have the ability to cache all of the wet gear under some foliage.

Additionally, it would be great to be able to wear a uniform over the wetsuite. As in the real world.


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Or just make the fins an item like a helmet or goggles.

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And my thoughts were the same as lavbo0321 on this matter. Fins should really be a separate item, like helmets and goggles. This might require much more work with regards to modelling, gui/engine changes, compatibility with modding and such, but would ultimately be the best solution.

Doing this would of course also hurt the usefulness of wetsuits besides the cosmetic/realism effects. I guess speed/mobility could be affected by the wetsuit. Or the ability to use underwater weapons effectively, as is currently the case. But that's probably beyond the scope of this ticket anyway.

Fins could be turned into an inventory only item.
So one could grab Fins from a supply crate, pack them into the backpack and automatically "equip" them when swimming.