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Door breaching: Make doors separate physical objects+ Float control
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you can set breaching charge on door, explode it, door must be pushed by explosive power&direction

Float control: door animation state now have only 0 and 1 stane.
here need add ability to float state control, as in Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield AND
this feature make free contol for door


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  • make door as separate physical object (attached to house by proxy)
  • add 3 memory points: 1 doorhandle, 2 center of door, 3 bottom center of door

1 - for put small *c2 charge for just broke door lock
2 - for large charge to blowout door :)
3 - door wedge, optic wad point (optional)

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see 0003376 , 0003914 and 0004900

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Yes, thank you Jejn, but i think my ticket adressed to technical devs and have more information :)

can we request animations for all this featires too? :)

Please make it in Alfa, while you have just few buildings, and not need to rework lot of objects

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+1 for being able to breach, But the wand is not necessary IMO.

I guess you're a SWAT 4/RVS player too.

@Nanamil, wad is real as optical cable with camera, my mates in Omon(Specnaz) use it on each operation, so have sense to add Memory point for this

Aditional Info:

  • Door can be loked inside (obvious stuff :))
  • Door can be blocked outside by some (*futuristic*) device, to prevent open door and broke breaching process, by somebody who stay inside;
  • Two dudes prepare to blow up locked door, why they placing charges, dude who stay behind door, unlock it and broke all process, WTF?! :D ++ Doorwedge is good for bloc door, here reference

Refered by some of similar tickets:
Bullets should through the doors for kill tango's if somebody stay behind door

AI&Player: Ai and player can breach it too if have requred items, charge or ram, commander tell command by menu:

  Operate door:
    -Open/close door;
    -Block/lock door (if stay inside building - lock, if outside - block by wedge or similar item)
    -Broke door's lock by picklock (silently open door)
    -Broke door's lock by c2 charge (for just broke door's lock)
    -Blow out door by big charge (door fly out by explode vector)
    -Use Ram!
    -Broke door by leg/shoulder knock :)
    -Look behind door (by optic cable or optiwad)

  Sub Menu: (what to do after operations with door)
    -Throw gas
    -Throw frag
    -Throw flash
       -User Taser (I think dev's is genious and make this weapon :), optional), Taser can be used as submenu with grenades
    -Fire at will!

All of those requests are covered by #5890, #3914 and #3376. Closing.