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Vehicle livery selection (camo, numbers, squadrons, nose art, pilot name)
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It would be useful to be able to add additional liveries and be able to select from them without having to create a new vehicle entry in the editor for every livery. This would come in handy for situations such as having a desert, or olive drab Apache, without having to create a new vehicle config for each one. This would also allow for things such as squadron specific liveries on aircraft. These would ideally be handled similar to attachments, with the option of allowing scripting and configuration of vehicle specific parts of the skin, such as tail numbers, nose art, or pilot names on an aircraft; or serial numbers and other decorative art on other vehicles.


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Yeah I'd like to put "Hell on wheels" on the side of my APC.

Definitely agree, being able to define a texture selection for vehicles such as aircraft tail codes would be absolutely superb.