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numbers, 3rd person, Radar
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i played Arma 3 Alpha and i just want to tell you a few Things i dont like. The Numbers looks very strange, i mean the 6 looks like a 8 and the 5 like a 6. This is realy exhausting and not good. And the figure movement in the 3 rd Person looks unrealistic and not a little bit so nice like in Arma 2. The Radar is in Arma 2 also better. And the new Gear menu is a little bit confusing. I ask around and a lot of Players think so too. I think this things have to change in the Full Game.

best regards from Germany


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Please do not post multiple issues under one ticket, create separate tickets for each individual issue itself. Also, the issue with numbers is a duplicate of #666.

Due to that, I will close this ticket now.