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Raise and lower binoculars
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The player should have the ability to look through binoculars and lower them, bringing the player back into normal view, a bit like ACE.

There were a number of occasions where I would be spotting with the binoculars and would have to bring the weapon back into aim to look or scan then bring the binoculars back to get a closer look, having to play the weapon switching animations 2-3 times.

Would be easier if you could hold the binoculars in hand (as you would with a weapon) and switch them like a weapon.


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When you select the binoculars, they should be held in the hands like an item. Aim key would make you look through them and aim key would "unaim" the binoculars again.

This the only correct way to make it.

This is Very true. Me and my mates have always complained about this since we started playing Arma years back. Please Please fix this. I am sure everyone in the community agrees. Either left or right mouse button should raise the binoculars to your eyes.

I agree it should be possible to lower the binos to look/move around but I disagree that the default when pressing B should be to have them lowered. Currently pressing B defaults to them raised to your eyes and this is not only what many people are used to and expect but makes sense as generally when selecting binos, you want to look through them, not hold them in your hands.

It should definitely be possible to then lower the binos by pressing e.g. RMB or the raise/lower weapon key (I use 2xCtrl for this) so that we can look/move around and then quickly raise the binos again without switching to/from our weapon in between, which is completely unrealistic.

Temporary binos key might be O.K. too. Press and hold to use Binos. Release to go back to weapon. Then players could chooses how they like to use them.

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.