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AI can see and shoot through closed windows
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The AI can see and then shoot you through the windows in houses when they are closed (the wooden flaps are closed therefor blocking your view but the AI can still shoot you through them)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into editor
  1. place a player and an enemy near a house (within 100-200m from each other)
  1. preview and walk into the house and anger or provoke the AI
  1. try and hide behind a closed window
  1. get killed
Additional Information

this is really annoying when you are trying to use the second (or first) floor of a building for cover but thanks to this window problem you have to spend pretty much 100% of your time in crouch or even a lower stance

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Might it be that the AI hears you and shoots into your approximate position through the wall they know they can penetrate?

The AI has super hearing so that might be the case.