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Combat pace
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I've played the Arma 2 alpha for quite a bit now and I have encountered a couple of close quarters pvp battles. Something usefull in these situations is the combat pace key (C). When you need to move from cover and at the same time keep pressure on your opponents this come in handy.

This feature is making a few problems aswell though. In the heat of battle it is hard to remember in what combat pace your character is set on. When cover is small and you don't have space to check, all you can do is stand still or guess. If you aim to shoot while moving to cover and your combat pace is set to the normal running with a lowered gun, you end up with a studdering movement and studdering shooting which often leads to death and bad aim.


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Changing paces enough for you to get confused. Trying to shoot repeatedly while in standard running combat pace.

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I can think of two ways of fixing this. Either you add some sort of icon that shows you what combat pace you are in. Or when you run in the standard running combat pace you automatically enter the fire ready combat pace by pressing the fire button. That would add alot to your already smoth movement in my oppinion.

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i like the idea of accessing the combat pace mode through running + fire attempt.. not sure if it works out but i'd definitely give it a try.

about your second idea, i'm still waiting for a small stance indicator which also gives you information about which stand you are currently in (normal, walk, combat pace)

i tried some things out and i got a possible idea / feature how somebody could reintegrate the combat pace:

if you spawn in and start moving, you move like you are not in combat pace, average speed with lowered gun.
if you hit fire (prim. mouse button) while walking, you enter combat pace and stay in it until you start sprinting (or just tap shift)
+ if you hit fire while sprinting, you enter combat pace
this way there is no additional key need, it would be integrated in your movement.

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I agree that combat pace should come on when you shoot.

I also think that sprinting should automatically cancel out combat and walk effectively putting you back into the default running pace.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I'm against automatic changes, because this is confusing! If there is a problem with tracking what keys were pressed in the heat of a battle, then tracking subtle changes happenning by themselves, will be impossible. A HUD stance indicator could help, but if it was implemented, I'd prefer to have the option to turn it off anyway.

Also I was evaluating combat pace and found only a one special use for it. For the most of the time it's enough to jog (default movemement mode) or slowly walk ("walk or run temporary" option) with weapon simply aimed with right mouse click. This alone allows for quick and efficient CQB, with weapon always at the ready. Accuracy is enough for indoor or thick vegetation distances. Suppressing a position while assaulting could also be done, if we had suppressing effects.

The only one real use for combat pace, is for IR laser. This way I can move like the rifle was aimed, but it isn't and the ironsights or scope doesn't obstruct my view, when I aim with the laser. This gives more situational awareness + quick movement. In Arma2 I had to move slowly (with the walk option) in order to use the laser without aiming, but now, with the combat pace, a quick and efficient movement is retained. And since I love lasers, it's a big improvement for me.

Check out my video:
Only the night segment with the laser aiming was done with combat pace, the others were standard moving mode, but with the gun aimed all the time.

What pace you are in definitely needs a visual indicator.

However the most important thing is that combat pace and walk should not stack on top of each other.