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[Feature request] Ability to change compass size
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we can change the interface and its color, why not change the size of the compass? there are many complains about it, some people though it had to be bigger, others though it had to be smaller, so i though "why not let you change that?"

you know, just like another gameplay option in the game?


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He's the biggest help I can give you. Whenever we say something, load up your copy of Arma 3 Alpha and verify it, if it doesn't happen to you, or others, it isn't a priority, if it happens to you, then we obviously arn't making it up. Can you see the compass? I can't! To small. PLEASE, play and beta test the games we're paying to beta test, it's not a gift if we have to pay for it!

@harold5187 you need to learn what does "feature request" means, i was suggesting it because there were WAY too many people saying that the big compass in ACE 2 was great, other people wanting just a really small compass, and it seemed obvious that being able to change the size of your compass was the most logical thing to ask

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #797