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More and better labled Africans
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As a gamer of mixed race (black/white) I find myself most comfortable when I can use a black (preferably fair skinned) soldier on my profile. (helps me immerse myself when i can say that's my as a soldier if I worked out more and didn't work at a desk all day)

Right now there are only 2 black soldiers both sporting the uncomfortable label of "African" which doesn't bug me terribly given the game's operation area but I would like more than just the two guys perhaps something more representative of black people from around the world.

Extra points if you let me have a guy with dread locks, picture of myself for reference attached {F18224}


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A soldier with dreadlocks? hum...

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Prospekt, maybe for independents or mercenaries, would be a fun addition in wasteland

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Upvoted. You should have selected "feature" for this though. And if everything fails, you always import your own face to the game.

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pops, I guess since my characters color is only for me, but I'd rather not have to force other people to learn that process in-order to have their own characters.

Unless I'm an idiot who missed a button on the profile setup

At first was skeptical about dreads, but it would make for some extremely cool mercenaries or resistance fighters.
Also glad you approached this from a reasonable stance, and not racist this, racist that. +1