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9000 second roll selection lobby timeout on dedicated server
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When running a dedicated server, per instructions here: the roll selection lobby timeout is 9000 seconds. No method has been discovered to reduce this wait time other than admin intervention. If admin are not available, the wait is thus ridiculous.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Set up dedicated server per instructions in thread linked above.
2 join the server, and select a mission. After the vote timeout passes, the role selection screen timeout will start counting down from 9000.

Additional Information

The 9000 second timeout may also occur after completion of the mission, forcing a long wait before the next mission can be selected.

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This is very annoying and could easily be fixed in a patch. I have been playing a lot of TvT games where one guy would troll and hold the server inoperable because he refused to ready up.

isn't that like when all players press "ok" (they then become ready/green names) the mission starts ?

Yep that's it. Normally there's a timeout period so that someone can't just stay not ready and hold up the game, but in this case that timeout is 9000 seconds, which is 2.5 hours. So not very effective, obviously. It's probably set to 9000 just as a temporary thing, as standalone server functionality isn't one of the things they're showing off yet, but we want to get the issue documented to make sure it doesn't accidentally get overlooked. Also so that it maybe gets fixed a little sooner... >.>

very annoying indeed

It will be fix in next update of dev version Arma 3 Alpha and in next update of stable version of Arma 3 Alpha.

When you want try so you can activate dev version in Steam.
Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Betas>development build
This version may not stable and it can contain more bugs, than normal Arma 3 Alpha version.