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Floating vehicles/odd collision mask on cone? Multiplayer
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Standing next to vehicle, with dead driver(my friend, so multiplayer), near a cone, after having hit a cone and flipped over (unrealistic). He landed with no wheels next to another cone and promptly began levitating.
Levitating, as in he rises.. Then about 1/2 second later falls to the ground again
Could possibly be sync issues, but as I am the host that would be odd.


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Very hard, place cone... drive into it, flip, die, land next to another cone on all four wheels... Almost impossible...

View yourself afterwards and you might get the effect

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Wow that's a hard one to repro O.O
Gonna employee all my clan mates in the testing :D

I assure you I have only managed it twice, and that was quite a while ago, I have no idea about the status of this issue anymore. I have tried to reproduce again, but failed. It is not easy, I wish you the best of luck, but I think the cones have actually had their physical properties changed and it might not work anymore..