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A.I. Avatar Variable Movement Speed
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Since OFP:CWC troops moving in formation move perfectly and precisely in that formation. They are superhuman in their coordination and movement. Each soldier should have a variable movement speed, +/1 up to 10%. When a soldier gets too far ahead, he can slow down to stay in formation. When a soldier gets too far behind, he can sprint to catch up. This will make the formation look more human.


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Place a civilian PLAYER on a hilltop. Place BLUFOR squad on a level unobstructed plane with a waypoint to move. Observe squad formation move in perfect inhuman precision to the waypoint.

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Yeah I guess this would be neat, and make things more realistic, but overall it would just make things harder for the ai would it not? Added complexity for very little reason... I don't see the point.

It's just that looking at a perfect wedge or line formation moving over uneven terrain has always harmed the immersion for me, especially when I have seen more variable movement of AI avatars in other games.

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I am for this to be improved only if it does not bring new AI problems to the game.