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See through walls and noclip using the V key
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You can see through anywalls and noclip through walls as long as there is a corner , you can even stay inside the walls or below the floor and keep shooting while being invisible and/or impossible to hit.

Just watch this video it shows the bugs :


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  • Find any wall with a corner
  • Walk against the corner and push V (or your "step over" key)
  • Once you start to go through the wall, try to walk left or right, your character will go in the opposite direction (you'll go left if you press right) and you can noclip

For the wallhack, simply push V against any wall and you'll either view through the wall for 2-3 seconds or you'll can do it unlimited (like in the 2nd clip)

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Just standing close to any building or wall and pressing V you can see and fire through the wall.

It has been present since Alpha, I even got my report reviewed

Makes me think it is a feature.

I noticed you can bypass waist-high H-barriers (that are adjecent to full-height H-barriers) by tactically pressing w and strategically tapping v.