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Hud information locations
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On a multi monitor set up (3 screens)with the bezel correction enabled, the weapon status box in the top right, is partially hidden behind the bezel.

would it be possible to be able to move it to custom position


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add bezel correction to a 3 screen set up
it is more noticeable in the editor as the fist few icons on the tool bar are hidden behind the left bezel set

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with the 3 screens my resolution is 6039x1080 with bezel correction
as opposed to 5760 with out (3x 1920) so with the bezels 2x 140 strips are behind a frame

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You have 2 resolutions that need to be set if you use a triple-head setup:
The 3D resolution and the resolution of your interface. Play with this.

The settings aren't that different between A2 and A3. :)

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You can now also customize the positions of HUD elements, so this ticket is obsolete.