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Unplayable, low FPS.
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Having heaps of trouble enjoying the Alpha online with other players. The best I've seen is 32 FPS. THE best. The average I have seen in frames per second is 11.
Eleven FPS is far too low to test out anything, as even accessing the inventory, driving vehicles, checking performance changes, or simple combat is a non-starter.

I have high hopes for Arma 3, and while I DO realize this is in the Alpha stage (at time of writing) the performance issue is a definite problem.


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CPU: AMD 1100T Black Edition @ 3.3 ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7950 (non-OC) @ 925 MHz/1300 MHz (GPU/Memory Clock) 3 GB

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Also of note:
The CPU and GPU seem to be neglecting usage. Both run barely above 'idle' performance during gameplay in Multiplayer. The GPU doesn't go above 35 Celsius during gameplay, while in Singleplayer, it gains FULL utilization.

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You really did not notice that this is a duplicate?