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Apers bouncing mine does not go off if placed close or under KA60
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Apers bouncing mine does not go off if placed close or under KA60


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Place a mine using the Mines Module

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I have not tested other vehicles or mines

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By the way that was a RED faction mine I used

It does explode when you reaproach the spot again.


  1. set minefield of bounding mines with an empty heli (named "BIS_heli") on top of it, a player unit somewhere else, but in the init field of the player, write "player moveInDriver BIS_heli".
  2. set autohover on
  3. start the engine and get some altitude
  4. land back on the minefield, mines should explode

Explanation: on the init of the mission, mines start working after all friendly units leave the activation radius. In this case the game understood that the mines "belong" to the heli and thus they remained deactivated while the heli was still close to them.

Please confirm, if you observe the same.

Bug has not been confirmed by the reporter. It is not observed in game.