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"Connection Failed" When trying to join certain servers.
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So basicly i can't connect to certain servers, It just says "Connection Failed" when I join.

I have googled and researched ALOT. And many seem to have a problem with the routermodem i have Thomson-Alcatel TG789vn, People have reported problems with certain Asus, Belkin and Technicolor models (I can't remember the exact model number/name) aswell. So I do not think its a problem on our (consumer) side. I think there might be something conflicting in the game. (I'm not an expert but thats what the research says that I've found)

Reason I put this priority ar urgent is because this problem just happens to be with 2 of my friends. (I can't join their server.)

Stuff I've tried to fix this problem:

  • Run Steam and Arma 3 Alpha as Administrator.
  • Portforwarded TCP and UDP 2302 to 2308 in my router.
  • Tried making a server to see if the buddies I had the problem with could join my server, which the couldn't
  • Also tried turning off Upnp on my router cause this looked like a similiar problem that I had with Battlefield 3.
  • Restarted the router.

Tried all of this but no positive results unfortunately. And now I'm hoping you guys can fix this issue a few of your beloved consumers are having.
I hope you guys can fix this.

Love the game so far! Great Alpha guys!
Keep up the good work! And if you guys could E-mail me on "" if you guys are starting work on the problem. I'd love that!


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Steps To Reproduce

Have a certain modem/router and try connect to another person with a specific modem/router. (All I know that might be the problem.)

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Im sorry but this really is a router related issue. I recommend you searching a Thompson/alcatel forums or some other modem/router/switch related forum to solve this issue.