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more small island or maybe an river inlet to the island
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I really like the amphibious things you added, but it feels somewhat limited to use with how the map is right now. Could you maybe add some bigger island then there is right now on the side of the big one for modding? Or maybe add a river to the big continent to make it possible to make deep amphibious strikes into the mainland?


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Later on, there will be another island, which is a remake of the greek island Lemnos..

Although it will be called Altis, it should be roughly the equivelant of Lemnos.. This island will be 220km², so there will be plenty more space later on when Altis get's into the game :-)

You do know that we already get Altis, which is 10x bigger then Stratis ;)

Not to mention all the community build islands which certainly will be created.

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.