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Main Menu UI Improvements (Request)
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When using the menu's sliders to change settings, it's quite difficult to get an exact number due to the nature of the mouse-controlled sliders.

What I would propose is a small box next to the slider that you click into, and enter a numerical value. Additionally, when changing the value with the mouse, the number in the box would represent the current value.

I am aware that you can use the arrow keys to change the value, but this is tedious and only works to fine-tine adjustments previously made with the mouse.

If this can be done with all the items in the menu that are controlled by a slider, it would make getting everything set up to your own preference a much quicker thing to do.


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We were thinking about implementation of such a feature, but it is NTH with lower priority at the moment.

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I am glad to see this feature in the latest dev build (0.71 beta)

However it has some bugs:

When selecting all characters in the field and deleting them, typing a new number will put additional numbers at the end (in experience, commonly 500. So a value of 1000 inputted will result in 1000500, which is far too much and probably over the maximum)

Highlighting all characters and typing over them should wipe the field and then take the user's input.

Clicking into the field and backspacing manually works fine though.

Yes, BI now loves people with OCD =P thanks, really happy with this in the BETA, it was a pain to do it in the config files.