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Helicopter Showcase: Waiting too long before entering helicopter causes the copilot to occupy the pilot's seat
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As the title says, when starting the helicopter showcase the AI gets in as pilot if youre not quick enough. This makes you unable to use the helicopters weapons, thus you cant complete the mission.


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Start Helicopter Showcase, wait for your crew to enter, enter. Youll be in the Copilot's seat.

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Is this issue 100% ? Are you able to reproduce? How long you need to wait till the co-opilot switches seats?
Also are you running Stable Arma 3 Alpha or Dev Arma 3 Alpha?

Weird, I cant reproduce this, whenever I start the mission now all the team is already in the chopper and the copilot is sitting on his side. When I reported the bug all the guys spawned around me and ran to the chopper with me. Not sure if anything was changed, im running the development build (0.51.103048). You can close this.