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Helicopter Minigun and Ifrit machine gun accuracy is too Linear and accurate ( especially with Infrared )
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I have noticed that, while in arma 2 OA and arma 2 having similar issues to arma 3, the machine Guns on vehicles, MAY in reality be this accurate, however i doubt so.
I noticed that when using the choppers, the Miniguns are Extremely Accurate, and the bullet trajectory is too linear.

At long distances of 1000m, this could be very usefull.
Im sure the developing team did some research into ballistics, and if the weapons are indeed this accurate, then mark this suggestion as void.
However i want to stress that in gameplay experience, the Game ballistic trajectory for HMG is a little too accurate, and the fact that there is little to almost no recoil, makes these weapons overpowered.

  • playing on a server by wiping out a whole team using the ifrit Infrared with extreme accuracy.


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I cant seem to find the EDIT button. well anyway, i wanted to make a slight correction - ( Linear ) - by this i mean there is not enough bullet dispersion.

It would be so accurate, actually. There is no reason for there to be bullet dispersion since you can very easily mount the weapons to keep them pointed forward appropriately. Natural inaccuracy of a weapon makes a different well beyond 1,000 meters. By that, I mean we are talking tens upon tens of kilometers.

there reason for the inaccuracy or bullet spread is cause the weapon is not being kept stable and pointed at the target (obvious). in the case of vehicals they are bolted to a several tonne solid object. they are going to be kept pointed straight even when firing as they are in real life. i personally think you are talking to the wrong dev team when talking to them about researching ballistics more as well

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it is a hell of a weapon, used for point targets up to 1000 meters.