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We want ARMA II's GPS back!
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I like hitting ctrl+m and the nice GPS of ARMA 2 popping up on the bottom right corner of the screen instead of the middle of the screen.


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I better like the ArmA3 one.. it's a HUD-Glasses GPS (check the tactical glasses from player customization menu) and works like a charm once you get used to it.
It allows you to keep your eyes "ready" for combat and check the GPS at the same time.
In fact, you shouldn't go around with your GPS up 24/7.


Ok so IF it is a HUD-Glasses GPS (tactical glasses) what is the use of having the actual GPS in your inventory?

If it is like that there should be an option to use one or another... I prefer the old one, since the new one may help keep an eye on what's going on around, but it obviously hides some part of the environment and a possible target.

Modular UI is a confirmed feature anyway, so why care about it ? :P

Oh, sorry, didn't know that!!! :)

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