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Dual Purpose ammo doing no damage above water
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When doing the scuba showcase, I was unable to kill any enemies above water with dual purpose ammo, however, underwater I was able to shoot and kill fish. I died 2 times and tried using it again on the third attempt it didn't work but as soon as I switched to standard rounds it was easy to kill the enemies. I had had the same issue in multilayer, once I had dual purpose mags and could not kill a guy I was point blank in multilayer, however, to give it the benefit of the doubt I have ran into quite a few people using god mode I believe, so that may be possible, however, it seems anytime I use dual purpose above water there is no effect.


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i believe dual purpose ammo for the sdar is for underwater use only and when used on land it makes the sdar the weakest weapon in the game

I have unloaded whole mags on auto at only 20 metre distance into enemy and they didnt even notice. throw a stone at them would do more damage.

they would be effective out of the water, just not as effective as normal bullets

there is a reason they give you two types of ammo and a help tip about reloading your weapon

Why are they called <<DUAL PURPOSE>> when they are only effective underwater?

Dual purpose ammo has very short time to live in config. So rounds just disappear after ~30m. Hope this lazy workaround will be changed.

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