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Some CQB improvements
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The CQB ARMA 3 is much better than Arma II is a certainty, however, some improvements are needed.
A) Place a door is always problematic if we aim left / right and our little character be stopped probably a collison weapon / wall however, a smart soldier lowers his gun IRL if it interferes, automatic way to do this or remove collisions would be better.
B) Not to mention the problem of unbreakable glass, squatting positions are problematic, it is not sufficiently high to shoot through the windows / obstacle and becomes ridiculous when it lacks a few centimeters, an automatic adjustment (like red orchestra 2 ), or an increase in the height positions would be better.
C) A little furniture or covered in buildings is a plus for the immersion, and tactics, and at best a procedural generation of interiors for variety and surprise (but be careful pathfinding and spawn units)


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It's not that bad. I did a bit of CQB for real and Arma's model is more similar to what I remember, than any other more user-friendly shooter. It's just you have to move a bit differently and take weapon's length into account.

For Arma2, I've tried automatic rifle lowering mod and quickly got rid of it, as the lowering usually happened in the worst possible moment. I do, however, use reduced collisions addon, which makes Arma2 very similar to vanilla Arma3 collisions.