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Free look when looking through optics
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I cannot verify this, but when i press alt button while looking through weapon optics, it seems that you can look around with a free look through optics without moving the weapon at all.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a weapon with closed optics.
  2. Look through optics.
  3. Look around with the alt key (free look).

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Negative. You do target your weapon. This feature is made to give a possibility to ajust your aim while moving. It is working not only with scoped weapons but with red dot/holo/ironsights as well.

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Sorry, my bad. Any way to remove reported issue?

Just wait for a manager to see it.
Everyone, in the meantime, please down vote this issue so it gets down in the list and doesn't "distract" devs

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Avi а ты уверен в том что говоришь?

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This issue was closed as no-bug.