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Implement proper chain of command
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Allow fireteam leaders to command their team members while still being able to receive orders from the squad leader. Squad leaders should be able to easily distribute orders to fireteams without going through the clunky process of the "coloured teams". This would encourage players to use military units the way they were meant to function.

In ArmA 2 this could be done with the high command interface, but this only worked with human players.

Proposed change:
Bind the available command interface to the rank of the unit. Corporal = current per-soldier interface, sergeant = per-fireteam interface, per-soldier interface for own fireteam, lieutenant,captain = per-squad interface, per-soldier interface for own team, etc.


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That's verry important in my opinion.

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In issue 0010355 Mariner said:
"And as far as Arma is tactical game it would be just great to have a possibility to make a complex plan of attacking or defending, ambush (maybe) by using of multiple waypoints. I know It was possible in Arma 2. But i mean to make it scale of squad which under dirrect command of player. Its like i splitted my squad into pairs and made first pair to flank left,hold possition for a while for observation then proceed and enter some building, second one - to flank right and so on.."

Which is pretty much what I meant with this. A squad leader should not always micro-manage the soldiers in his fireteam, but send the fireteam as a whole to perform certain actions. (like in the high-command module) Same logic applies to platoon leaders that should command straight to squad leaders.

The ArmA 2 high command module allowed this, *BUT*

  1. it was not enabled by default
  2. everyone included in the chain of command (except the lowest level) needed to be played by a human, because AI didn't "translate" the orders to its units.

Nice feature +1