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Eight core processor AMD
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On my AMD FX-8120 game never uses more than a few cores. Interfere with gameplay. The missions have an average of 10 - 15 fps on this computer! {F17890}


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  1. Run the game.
  1. Turn on the mission.
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Sorry for my bad English.

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Processor doesnt say it all
Give some more specs like CPU and GPU, RAM

Watch dxdiag.txt

Sorry didnt saw that

DRACUS added a subscriber: DRACUS.May 7 2016, 12:20 PM

you try this command: -CpuCount=8

Go to properties > Set Boot Options and put this "cpuCount=8"

Next launch and try..

You think I have not tried? 10-15 fps all the time.

What about youre temprature and stuff like that that might cause a problem but if not im sure its a optimisation problem from Bohemia's end

After entering the number of units to the editor and command attack each other - 5 fps. CPU temperature - 55 C. The temperature of the GPU - 52 C.Paste on the CPU changed two months ago, the entire casing cleaned with windmills. When overclock the processor to 4 GHz - 20 fps.

Sadly, that CPU isn't as good as most people "hype" it to be, and its especially not good in Arma, where it heavily uses 1-4 cores. This is not Arma specific, as it is VERY hard to write a game that uses more than that amount of cores, and very few (if any) of the good game developers have done it yet.

Arma is very CPU intensive, due to the actually intelligent AI and the realism, and when you don't have a good CPU (ie. the FX's perform poorly on CPU-intensive games), it doesn't run very well. I had an FX 8-Core OC to 4.5 GHz, and I barely scraped by on 30 FPS in Arma 2. Now with a much better Intel 3770k (without changing anything else), my frames are 50+, most of the time topping out at 60 (w/vsync)

Although with your CPU you shouldn't be going down below 20 FPS, I'd expect anywhere between 20-30 FPS with you CPU if its not overclocked. With an overclock its performance will increase drastically.

Also, please learn how to use a bug tracker properly. Thank you.

My application is based on the identification of what the game developers on what they still have to work on. Optimizing the eight core processor does not exist. Speaking about the bug tracker: the more people, the better it will report.

Sorry for my bad English :P

The game devs are well aware of their limited multi-core use, as it takes a lot of time and effort to optimize for 4+ cores. I'm really just informing you that that games require the most performance per core, not performance per processor.

And about the bug tracker, I am all for the more information, but setting the priority to immediate and the severity to block aren't the proper ways to document an issue. It should be "minor/normal".

And your English is good, I've had no trouble understanding it :)

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 12:20 PM

Protip, I don't know a game to this day that uses more than 4 cores, people that waste money on 6-8 cores for gaming ar wasting money.

If you want it to "attempt" to use those cores then type -cpu=8 or something along those lines, i'm sure you can google it into your start up.

Other then that, AMD processors at current are not running the game well, so you've got the short end of the stick atm.

Can you play at 15 fps? I do not, so this problem is blocking my gameplay, so I'd like to fix it quickly.

OP, it's like asking BI to optimize the game for a Pentium processor, it's understandable that you're getting low FPS, but it's not the software's fault, it's the hardware's fault.

Though I do suspect some optimization will come with the pending beta and the full release, don't expect to get above 25-35 FPS in most cases with high player/AI counts (as what I got with my old AMD FX processor back in Arma 2).

white added a subscriber: white.May 7 2016, 12:20 PM

this engine mainly works on 1 core, including AI. some stuff goes onto second core but first core bottlenecks everything.

whoever doubts this, try taking off cores on windows affinity and leaving just 2, those 2 will get proper usage (90&+) and wont change 1 fps ingame.

anyone with an api monitor can check how many cpu threads this game works with.

and any manjor new engine uses 8 cores properly when avaiable (source, udk, cryengine, frostbyte 2 to name a few)

an 8350 is more than enough for any game, unless the game wont use multicores like this one.

same issue is covered here:

and here:

and this is not a chat forum, stop posting to argument about the report that states exactly the behaviour this engine provides.

Have you tried to lower you're settings & disable shadows/Post processing jaskra? AMD dosen't make the greatest processors & while you may want that fixed quickly, some of us have been wanting things fixed for years with ArmA.

Yet to see proof provided of more than 4 core utilization.

Yes, i tried this tweak. Still 15-17 fps. When i writing this commands to command line (-nosplash -world=empty -maxMem=2047 -cpuCount=8 -exThreads=7) fps change to 20-25 fps. This fps is already comfortable.

Please use search. Do not create duplicate reports. Thank you