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If implementing ghillie suits...
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Not sure if im posting this in the correct spot, please let me know if im not and where i should post instead.

If there are plans to implement ghillie suits into the game, i would like to make a suggestion. Make it an option that you can take parts of the foliage of your surroundings and add them to your suit, and/or choose what type of suit to have. It seems right to have that if your able to change the appearance of your solider.


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There is already a mod for ghillie suits ( ) and you can choose between woodland, desert and multicam.

But he wants an ability to blend in dynamically during the mission. With the current setup, you can stick to one version at the time and can't change it in the field. Having a backpack with several ghillies in it, is not the same...

Yea, so if at all possible, implement into the game, the ability to change the ghillie suit dynamically during the mission, just like in real life. That would be cool to have.

Im sure if you have a woodland type suit and move into an area that doesn't match your suit (i.e. Your suit is green, but the background is more of a brown, or tan), you wouldn't do so well in a MP game.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

What if you could have an option to put grass on your helmet or backpack to better camouflage yourself?