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Grave Performance issues on a decent PC
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I am sure this has popped up many times and I realize this is an Alpha but I'd still ike to contribute to the (probably) massive pool of performance issues reports.

I am running the following:

AMD Phenom 9650 x4 @2.3 Ghz
GTX 470 (1280 MB GDDR5)
Windows 7 64-bit

That's about the important stuff I suppose.
I play on Standard Quality, with fancy stuff such as AA, Anisotropic Filtering, PP all disabled. Here, it's pretty obvious that Standard Quality looks worse, but increases performance. That wasn't the case in ArmA2, so good work on that.
But I don't know what's with my computer.

Just to give you an idea, I'll compare my usual ArmA2 performance with ArmA3.

ArmA2 runs on 50-60 FPS solid with mentioned rig, both in SP, but especially in MP as the CPU has less workload. Chernarus gives me a performance of 40-50 FPS solid due to massive amounts of trees.
ArmA3 runs on 15-20 FPS (where 20 FPS is max) when I am close to towns or if I spawn atleast 1 whole Squad. The same applies to underwater. Workload in MP is reduced so I get 30 FPS when playing with 15-20 people.

If I am all alone, I get 40 FPS max in ArmA3. In quiet areas. Forests are a different thing, where I definitely lose atleast 5-10 FPS.
In ArmA2 I run at roughly 70 FPS when alone (I don't cap my FPS so yeah)

Some people will probably start wondering "OH MY GOD HE MUST BE LYING", yeah well no. I have managed to configure ArmA2 well enough (as ArmA2 is not obvious when it comes to which option puts more workload on what. Shadows for example. Put 'em on low and you put workload on the CPU. Do the opposite (on high) and you put workload on the GPU).
ArmA3 definitely went a step forward in properly configuring things (again, putting everything on low helps a bit), but it seems to me things are still CPU-heavy.

Now you'll probably also wonder how this affects things. Besides the obvious pain playing with constant 15-20 FPS, it also slows down reaction time. AI Movement, AI Reaction time, Game Reaction time. EVERYTHING is chewed through by the CPU. So since my CPU is slow as fuck, and combined with the general AI failure, it usually takes the AI atleast 3 seconds before they notice I'm there. I can engage them freely without them doing anything.
Opening a door takes ATLEAST 6 seconds after performing the action before it opens. Never less, always 6 secs or more.
Please don't tell me to "buy a new CPU". I realize my CPU is shit but this can definitely be improved from ArmA3's development side. If ArmA2 runs better than ArmA3 then there's really room for improvement in A3.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Build yourself (or buy, borrow, whatever if you fancy that) a computer with the following:

CPU: AMD Phenom 9650 x4 @2.3 Ghz
GPU: GTX 470 (1280 MB GDDR5)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

  1. Go make a mission with some units in it, preferrably in Agia Marina or a big city.
  2. Go play, you'll probably notice that doors take their time in responding and the AI is not reacting to anything at all.
Additional Information

Tested with latest non-development build ArmA3 Alpha (v 0.5.102571) on Stratis. Custom mission in Agia Marina.

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I suggest you to read back the Arma 3 website, there was an announcement about the performances...

(In response to Madone here) Atleast provide a link if you're saying "read back on ArmA3 website". I also see little reason to not provide feedback on performance if the system even exceeds tha maximum requirements stated on the store page (not that I expected ArmA3 to run any good on my system).

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The most upvoted issue #0000716 has more than enough data and is already assigned. Your two cents here is serving no purpose except taking up space in tracker's database.