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Ruck layout affects item access times
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It would be neat if the player's ruck and chest rig configuration affected his item access times. So if the chest rig or harness placed the primary magazines across the front, primary reloads would be faster. Same for grenade and sidearm placement. Having a quick access pistol mount across the front of the chest would provide faster transition to secondary than a drop leg thigh holster, etc. This would help simulate the tradeoffs an operative faces when selecting his gear set because as of right now, it seems to be mostly a cosmetic difference that simply allows for greater weight/item capacities.


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Would be a pain to code such a feature for devs.
Maybe in some later release but not a priority in Alpha stage.


Downvoted only because I don't want to see this in vanilla. I bet this will make a great addition to Arma III ACE.

Would be too much hassle for too little gain to put this in imo. Perhaps modders will look into this.

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.