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Selected firemode resets under various circumstances.
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When a weapon is toggled off of the default firemode (full auto or grenade launcher for most weapons), the setting is reverted if the user enters and then exits a vehicle or switches to a pistol/anti-tank weapon and back.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Toggle any automatic weapon from single-shot to full-auto.
  2. Switch to a secondary weapon and back, or enter and exit a vehicle.
  3. Note the firemode of the weapons has reverted to single-shot.

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It seems toggling through fire modes is bugged, as I sometimes have to press F two times to go from single-fire to full-auto.

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Sometimes merely getting injured seems to reset the fire mode.

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I can confirm what k0rd said.

Confirmed. This issue is still present at 1.10.

Fullauto firemode gets changed back to single-fire mode in various situations, mostly noticeable when you change between AT/sec.weapon and rifle.

Also tested with AK in mods which defaults to full auto. In addition to vehicles, equipping binoculars also seems to trigger this.

The fire select noise also carries a ridiculously long way... But that is for another report!

It also happens sometimes when one opens the inventory (e.g., to pick up some ammo from a crate or corpse). Annoyingly, it also resets the zero of scopes like the DMS to the default.

I regard this a bug even if it was intentional. The combination of dropping from auto/burst to sngle shot with changing the rifle zero can get you killed.

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I created a ticket for this almost a year ago. Inlcuding planting explosives/reloading weapons, since I believe it's caused by the same issue.