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Aircraft Trim
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Please make aircraft trimmable ingame.


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This regards joystick/joypad users only!

  1. Get in a chopper
  2. Take off
  3. Maintain straight and level flight with set pitch and power
  4. Wait until your arm gets tired
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When I want to have my attitude at 5 degrees nose down pitch, and set power for level flight, as I accelerate the helo wants to pitch up again. Thats correct behavior, but it gets tiring on the arm to always have to maintain constant stick forward pressure on my joystick (TM HOTAS Warthog) to maintain S/L flight.

So I'd like to suggest the addition of cyclic trim, as well as at least elevator trim for fixed wing aircraft as well. I don't want DCS level of accuracy either, only improved ergonomics with the benefit of increased realism.

It would also help communication, because a helo pilot in MP could then at least type while straight/level without having to worry as much about his chopper coming off course. That is, if he doesn't use VOIP for some reason.

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Everything that flys should have that very very basic feature! +1

yes it would be nice to see but i thought that trim was for correcting an aircraft's flight path (make the aircraft go straight and level) rather than for pitching the nose up/down even know that is possible it isn't always 100% necessary

i for one can live without this feature because the flight physics do not make it necessary for trimming as the aircraft always fly straight (Talking about jets not helicopters (at least it was like this in arma2)) but as for helicopters well i am not to sure

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

b101uk added a subscriber: b101uk.May 7 2016, 12:15 PM

It needs to be like how TKOH did it for helicopter cyclic, in fact just import the TKOH helicopter dynamics completely.

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 12:15 PM

Manual Picth trim for Airplanes would be very good also. thank you.

I don't know if in helicopter they have same kind of picth trim but, it is a coo features for both.