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Helicopter Rocket Damage
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I was playing the Heli Showcase and every time I diverted to destroy the 2 vehicles I would do a fly past with rockets. I could hit the vehicle with 2 or 3 rockets and it wouldn't damage it. I even flew ahead of the convoy and sat there waiting so the missile could hit it directly and It still didn't destroy the 2 cehicles


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to the Helicopter Showcase
Play until requested to divert to the vehicles
Shoot the vehicles with rockets

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I sniped the 2 cars in the helo showcase with 2 rockets and didn't even get a direct hit, just splash damage.
Mind trying again ?
The problem may be related to the rockets impact point and/or randomly failing

Same as Kid18120 here - I am able to destroy the 2 vehicles either with direct or indirect splash damage.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.

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the cars in the game are as though as a nuclear carrier, i had to shoot them with both rockets and MG

It seems to all cleared up with the newest build