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Game fails to launch when mumble and xsplit are open
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seems as its only a windows 8 issue, as my friend who is on windows 7 doesn't get the problem.

both are pretty much needed for gaming so its an inconvenience that the game fails to launch when they are running.


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have either mumble or xsplit open than try and run the game, it opens up than closes immediately.

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I always play with mumble and the game doesn't crash. But mumble in-game interface isn't working, so I don't have fps count and last active users etc.

I'm using last mumble version.

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hmm wierd, im using latest and it won't stop crashing on start up until i close it.

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same im using mumble and FRAPS if it crash only middle of game. but not showing me a error only (arma3 closed)

Try running everything as administrator
(right click > properties > compatibility > run this app as admin)

still crashes on start up when running as admin.

if i close them and let the game open, than alt tab and open the programs, the game runs fine, just something is stopping the game from opening when they are open before it.

Please contact support of this software.